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Relax. Elevate. Glow

Are you ready to relax, elevate, and glow into an uplifting self-care experience?

Welcome, Divine Beauty!

The Forte Shop is an online CBD Bath & Body Care brand that promotes divine wellness with the help of CBD. Our products are handcrafted with the highest quality CBD isolate. Check out our products today to find your elevated self-care relief! 

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We love your feedback

Alexus - Elevate Glow Butter

"I like how easily the Eucalyptus Glow Butter spreads, it smells amazing, and it makes my skin shine. It's also really good for relieving my back pain."

Miya-Jalynn - Blissful Body

"Your lavender body scrub is my favorite thing to use. The scrub feels good on my skin, especially after a workout. "

Darnise- Elevate Glow Butter

"The Eucalyptus butter is amazing!!! I had 5-foot surgeries and rubbing the Elevate  Glow Butter on at night before bed calms the pain and helps me sleep!"

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non psycho active ingredient in the cannabis plant. That has a natural healing properties that the body 

CBD & Skin Care

CBD oil may provide relief for mild discomfort  in muscles and joints, and can help maintain hydration for extremely dry skin


This brand is 100% Female owned. The Forte Shop Celebrates the divine feminine energy to create a gentle, soulful & sensual way of living.


Cannabis has a multi purpose healing properties that EVERYONE can enjoy! The Forte Shop will prove it to you.

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